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This Acceptable Usage Policy is designed to help you understand everything you need to know about the what, why and how's of our data gathering and processing operations, and what your legal rights are.
DignusData Values itself as a responsible IT provider and strongly discourages irresponsible practices, which degrade the usability of network resources and thus the value of Internet services. This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) specifies the actions prohibited by DignusData. DignusData reserves the right to modify the Policy at any time, effective upon posting of the modified Policy to this web page. Use of DignusData services is conditional upon acceptance of AUP. It is Customer's responsibility to regularly check for modifications. (Customers, users, and visitors are referred collectively as Customer).
We hope you'll take some time to read this document; we've tried to keep it all as simple as possible and we will keep you informed if there are any changes to the way we process your personal data in the future, before making them.
Dignus Data Is registered Company
in republic North Macedonia Business Number 02701003565350 Skopje , Bulevar 3ta Makedonska Brigada Br.529 , 1000.
Mail: office@dignusdata.center
In this document Dignus Data DOOEL. Will sometimes be referred to as "we".
Dignus Data will only ever ask for personal data if it is required for a specific purpose; with that in mind, we have created a full list of all the kinds of personal data that we may ask you to provide in order to achieve those purposes. The kinds of personal data we may collect are: Name, address, telephone, email, usernames, passport information, job title, IP address information.
The personal data operator transfers personal data to third parties, which are authorized bodies operating under the laws of the EEA Europe Union.
Accepting this Offer, you, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", conclude a Contract for
conditions, in the order and amount determined by this Offer. Further, in the text of this
Offer, Customer and Contractor may be referred to together
The "Parties" have concluded this Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) as follows:
Terms and abbreviations used in the contract
Customer Account Control Panel - a web page designed to manage the services provided by the Contractor to the Customer, to maintain the current contact information of the Customer and to provide the Customer with other information necessary for the Contractor to provide services to the Customer. Access to the Customer's account page is available at the client.dignusdata.center. Access to the page is organized by a secure protocol SSL EV and only after identification of the Customer.
Ticket system - a messaging system between the Customer and the Contractor by sending / receiving requests via the electronic form, located in the Customer account control panel.
Account - information intended to identify the Customer in the process of providing services to him. The Customer's account information is the username (login), the password to access the Customer's account control panel (password) and the Customer's contract number. The customer, in order to provide services under this Agreement, has the right to have only one account.
The Customer's personal account (Customer's balance, service balance) is a record reflecting the financial relationship between the Contractor and the Customer. The personal account of the Customer is increased by the amount of payments transferred by the Customer to the Contractor against prepaid services rendered by the Contractor to the Customer, and reduced by the cost of the services selected and connected by the Customer.
Technical platform (data center) - a specialized building (room) for hosting server and communication equipment and connecting to Internet channels. Server rack - a design designed for convenient, compact, technological and secure mounting of telecommunications equipment - servers, routers, modems, telephone exchanges, etc.
Dedicated servers or Web Commerce, Web development is a service for organizing a virtualized server and making its resources available to the Customer under the terms of this Agreement.
The bonus balance of the service is a record reflecting the relationship between the Contractor and the Customer on the KVM or dedicated server service. The bonus balance is replenished by the Contractor in the framework of advertising. " The bonus balance is replenished by the Contractor as part of promotions and crediting compensation for violation of the level of services. The bonus balance is reduced by the cost of services rendered and connected by the Customer. If funds are available on the bonus balance and the balance, the debit services are made first from the bonus balance, and then from the service balance.
SPAM - mass mailing of e-mail, ICQ and others, mainly of a promotional nature.
Dedicated server (dedicated) - a physical server owned by the Contractor, the resources of which are made available to the Customer.
OS - operating system.
Software - software.
SLA (Service Level Agreement) - Agreement on the level of services provided under the Agreement
The subject of the contract is to provide the service "Site Development", "small business eCommerce website design", small business eCommerce website development .
Technical properties, features and order of providence, guarantees of services provided to the Customer are defined in the respective Service Level Agreements (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreements) published on the official website of the Contractor at https://dignusdata.center. The description of the services, the essential conditions for their provision, the cost, the order procedure and other conditions are also published on the Contractor's website (https://dignusdata.center/) in the corresponding service section. The Customer independently selects and orders a service from the parameters proposed by the Contractor. The Contractor provides the Customer with the service of organizing a virtual Web site and making its resources available to the Customer (provision of limited resources Contractor's server), as well as a server backup service. Customer Undertakes to pay for these services under the conditions specified in the Agreement and this Agreement.
Order and the beginning of the provision of services

DignusData provides web development and web site maintenance services. Anyone who wants to create a website or other service provided by DignusData can order it by contacting our company via the website www.dignusdata.center or in any other way.

Web and Mobile Software Development Services
1. The customer undertakes to describe which site he needs as clearly as possible so that the Contractor will understand which site to create. We also discuss design, if the customer wants a special design.
2. The customer undertakes to provide in electronic form all the materials necessary for filling the site.
3. All materials provided by the Customer must be licensed. The customer, providing information, thereby confirms that he has all the rights to use the materials provided.
4. The customer undertakes to pay the amount previously agreed upon before commencing the previously agreed services / works.
5. The customer has the right to get acquainted with the Contractor with the progress of work at any stage of the provision of services.
6. The Contractor proceeds to perform the pre-agreed work within 2 working days from the date of its payment.
7. If the Customer makes changes to the layout of the Site at the later stages of the execution of work by the Contractor, the deadlines for execution and the cost of the work are negotiated separately.
8. If the Customer has not provided the necessary material to the Contractor within 5 days or until the end of the agreed period, the site is considered completed and the Customer fills the site with the material independently. If the Customer wants to fill his site with content that was not provided on time, the Contractor may accept it for an additional payment by agreement.
9. If the Customer makes changes to the layout of the Site at the later stages of the Contractor's work, the deadlines and cost of the work are negotiated separately.
10. The Contractor after the execution of works, at the request of the Customer can carry out support and update on the Site, on the agreed amount, if the amount of both parties is satisfied.
11. The Contractor shall not be liable for the material provided by the Customer, as well as for the material which is posted on the customer site.
The Parties hereby confirms that the information they exchange within the framework of preparation, as well as after the conclusion of this Agreement, is confidential, being valuable to the Parties and not to be disclosed, as it constitutes and / or trade secret has real and potential commercial value in Because of its obscurity to third parties, there is no free access to it on a legal basis. Any information transmitted via the ticket system or e-mail, as well as received during the visit by representatives of the Customer's data center, is a confidential character In the Contractor's data center, photo-video filming is prohibited without receiving the written consent of the Contractor. In case of breach of confidentiality in relation to information, the Contractor shall have the right to refuse the Customer in the further provision of services, starting with date of discovery of such a violation, as well as to claim compensation for losses incurred due to violation of confidential information by the Customer.
Unconditional Acceptance of this offer is considered the primary recharge Customer / Customer's account. The customer guarantees that at the time of recharge and started providing services familiarized and unconditionally accepted the terms of this Agreement, got acquainted with the specified Agreement, as well as tariffs, the Customer accepts and expresses its agreement with all the conditions set forth in them. In addition, the Customer confirms that got acquainted with the description, order of services and the description of other conditions of service Contractor, published on the website of the Contractor and the corresponding SLA, and the Customer gives their consent to the right to refer to this information by the Contractor in the performance of the conditions actual agreement .

Rights and obligations of the Customer
The following constitute violations of this AUP:

Illegal Use: DIgnusData Services may not be used for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities. DIgnusData reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or civil wrongdoing;

Harm to Minors: Use of the DIgnusData Services to harm, or attempt to harm, minors in any way;

Threats: Use of the DIgnusData services to transmit any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting or otherwise) that threatens or encourages bodily harm or destruction of property;

Harassment: Use of the DIgnusData Services to transmit any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting or otherwise) that harasses another;

Fraudulent Activity: Use of DIgnusData Services to make fraudulent offers to sell or buy products, items, or services, or to advance any type of financial scam such as "pyramid schemes", "Ponzi schemes" or "chain letters";

Forgery or Impersonation: Adding, removing or modifying identifying network header information in an effort to deceive or mislead the Company is prohibited. Attempting to impersonate any person by using forged headers or other identifying information is prohibited.

Unsolicited Commercial E-mail / Unsolicited Bulk email ("SPAM"): Use of the DignusData Services to transmit any unsolicited commercial email or SPAM is expressly prohibited. Violations of this type will result in the immediate termination of the offending client account.

The Customer is independently responsible for the content of the information (authorizing the Customer),
Transmitted by him
or any other person under his network details via the Internet and the Contractor's own resources, for its reliability, purity from claims of third parties, the legality of its distribution and the harm caused by his acts (personally or by other persons under its network details) the identity or property of citizens, legal entities, the state or moral principles of society. The artist is not responsible for the content.
Information transmitted by the Customer via the Internet and the Contractor's own resources
The Contractor does not control the content of the information stored, published or Distributed by the Customer using the services provided, and does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy, quality and content of such information. The Contractor shall not be liable for violation of the rights of third parties arising in as a result of the Customer's actions performed using the Services provided by The performer. The Contractor is not responsible for the safety of the information posted. The customer, using the services of the Contractor, unless otherwise specified in the SLA. The customer independently monitors the safety, security of information, as well as, if necessary, organizes timely backup of data from his use of the services of the Contractor.

The Subscriber shall pay DignusData all fees due upon receipt of an invoice specifying the amounts due ("Fees"). Fees are due and payable by the Subscriber within seven 5 days of the date of the invoice. The Acceptance by the Company of late or partial payments shall not waive any of DignusData's rights to collect the full amount due under this Agreement.

Services will be suspended on Subscriber accounts that reach one 3 day past the invoice due date and a ten percent (10%) late fee will be added to the outstanding balance.

All payments to DignusData are non-refundable. This includes the one time setup fee and subsequent charges regardless of usage. All overcharges or billing disputes must be reported within ten5 days of the time the dispute occurred. If the Subscriber disputes a charge made to his/her/its credit card that, in the Company's sole discretion, is a valid charge under the provisions of the TOS and/or AUP, the Subscriber agrees to pay DignusData an "Administrative Fee" of no less than Two Hundred Dollars ($200).
We return the money only in those cases, if the customer gave us access to hosting management or the site to carry out the relevant work on the site / online store installation or maintenance and for some reason we could not complete the work (for example, incompatibility of software versions on the hosting).Service not accessible during the Long time period due to, but not limited to, Force major issues from DignusData side e.g Power failure, Network Failure , Hardware Failure.All requests to cancel accounts must be made from the Subscriber's client portal. Thirty (30) days' notice must be provided to DignusData for monthly Subscriber Terms and sixty (60) days' notice must be provided for any Subscriber Term greater than one month in length. Upon the cancellation notice, DignusData has the right to reclaim the services immediately. We reserves the right to revise, amend or modify this Policy as it deems appropriate, from time to time. Subscribers should refer back to this page periodically for the latest information.

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