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Dedicated server hosting Europe unlimited bandwidth - Instant setup . Dedicated server with free cpanel.Multiple Datacenter locations : Dedicated servers in Europe, North Macedonia, dedicated server in USA California unmetered 1gbps With Free DDoS protection.Dedicated server unlimited bandwidth 1gbps 10Gbps 100Gbps

Max Cores 6 of Threads 12
Max Turbo Frequency
3.0 GHz
Security & Reliability
Intel® AES New Instructions Yes
Intel® Trusted Execution Technology Yes
Execute Disable Bit Yes
Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)

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Our principal focus is providing exceptional quality of ICT services for enterprises and service providers
across the globe
Our team of experts is at your complete disposal for laying out solutions and suggestions to help you
make the best choice.
Dedicated server with multiple locations
We have few Points of presence in the major European carrier interconnection centers, as well as Cooperation with the primary global operators of international connections. Our Dedicated servers are available in California - unmetered dedicated server Usa and 1gbps 10Gbps or even 100Gbps Europe unmetered dedicated servers in North Macedonia.
Good Support
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. Also you can visit our office for personal consultation.Skilled employees aimed to provide best solutions and expedite customer support
Data center colocation.Essentials of our state-of-the-art network
Save investments by migrating your IT equipment to our high-grade data center built according to the latest technology standards. The data center and the team of experienced professionals are ready to serve mission-critical IT systems, providing high level of redundancy, security and availability.
DignusData Power system SPECIFICATIONS
Power system Dedicated A+B power line feeds (AC) to each rack. UPS protection for
Power line A+B. Uninterruptible power generator protection for both power line A and B. Power line B is used for equipment that supports redundant power supplies. The power transformer is connected to the electrical power substation in a ring topology. Redundant industrial cooling systems.Multi-zone fire detection system and total-flooding fire suppression system .Using clean agents. Door and electric cables certified for 90 min fire resistance. Automatic water leak detection and monitoring systems.
DignusData Network performance and redundancy
Network Physical protection - 24/7 manned security presence at the site by certified security company. Extensive HQ quality video camera surveillance across the premise. SLA for power system: 99.999%. SLA for A/C system (min 99.95%).
Linked to geographically diverse fiber optic routes. Open access and open Interconnectivity.Connection to multiple global and regional networks enables multi-level redundancy, high uptime and lowest packet latency. The connections are Established via geographically diverse fiber routes. Our network in Macedonia is connected to the rest of the world by connections to multiple global and regional tier1/tier2 networks, established over protected and geographically independent fiber routes. The network in Macedonia features a highly resilient topology, wherein every Point of Presence (POP) that we have in the country is protected by geographical independent lines to the core network.
The POPs are strategically positioned to be as close as possible to the last-mile user segment to ensure the highest percentage of availability. The entire network architecture is designed to ensure maximum transfer rate, low latency, multi-level redundancy and highest level of service quality.
Informations for primary upstream providers
Primary upstream: Telia ,Hurricane Electric,GTT Secondary upstream: Interoute.Backup upstream: Telekom Slovenije,Cogent.The lines to Telia and Interoute are on relation Skopje-Deve Bair-Sofia and are based on DWDM transport technology. The lines to Telekom Slovenije are on
relation Skopje-Blace/Tabanovce/Deve Bair-Ljubljana and are based on DWDM transport technology. The average latency between our equipment in Skopje and our equipment in Sofia is 3ms. Transport medium .Fiber optic link composed of dedicated fibers that are not shared (splitted) to other users along the route. This ensures super fast signal flow in comparison
to fiber-splitting technology.
Why choose DignusData Servers?
Every day we work hard to make IT life of our clients better and happier
Network performance and redundancy
Our network in Macedonia and USA is connected to the rest of the world by connections to multiple global and regional tier1/tier2 networks, established over protected and geographically independent fiber routes. The network in Macedonia features highly resilient topology, wherein every Point of Presence (POP) that we have in the country is protected by geographically independent lines to the core network. The POPs are strategically positioned to be as close as possible to the last-mile user segment to ensure highest percentage of availability. The entire network architecture is designed to ensure maximum transfer rate, low latency, multi-level redundancy and highest level of service quality
Active network provisioning and maintenance
Each line is certified by internationally standardized RFC2544 Ethernet test. We do 24/7 pro-active monitoring for both the core and user segment, including constant automatic verification of the optical power levels at each user-side optical interface.
Active network capacity
The core network features terabit capacity for switching and throughput. Every user-side port has dedicated throughout capacity because every single L2/L3 device part of our network provides line-rate non-blocking forwarding capability - it can process maximum bandwidth at all frame sizes (64-1518) and at all ports simultaneously. The devices capability has been verified by the globally renowned Tolly and Miercom testing reports.
Passive network provisioning and maintenance
Every single fiber connection is done by fusion splicing and verified by extensive OTDR measurements. Other providers often use mechanical splicing and do not verify the link with OTDR, resulting in low quality optical signal and shorter mean time to fault. Our 24/7 fiber maintenance teams do daily preventive inspection on the fiber infrastructure.
Complete and non-outsourced control of the network
We are operating our own fiber optic network. We do not outsource our work to contractors. We have our own teams and equipment for the entire process of constructing, operating and maintaining both the passive and active part of the network, enabling us to act fast and flawless in securing the guaranteed SLA and service uptime
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Software outsourcing IT company
Full functionality. Exclusive selling design. Simple and convenient for your customers. SEO friendly.
Dignus Data as a web development company, we can help you with : landing page design,landing page software, landing page optimization with latest Web2.0 trends such as Proffesional Worldwide hosting doesnt matter if you have microsite vs landing page . business landing page with Fast hosting is the Key for your conversion rate optimization.
Experienced programmers and web designers. There is no task that our technical specialists cannot do. Your website will work correctly and quickly on all devices, incl. mobile. With Dignus Data you can host unlimited

Our Services
Welcome to the Dignus Data Worldwide IT consulting services
Web and mobile software development services
We develop scripts for websites of any complexity. We will make your website adaptive for all devices. Try now our mobile adaptive design from professionals.Responsive design is very important today. Web resources designed to 2016-2017 years is not so relevant and do not meet the requirements of search engines. With Dignus Data Web2.0 design services all in one for business we can handle such tasks for you like: Mobile site template development,
Parsing services and parsers creation - Make work fast with fastest php html parser or with php web parsing for android.Transfer site from one server to another with optimization,php script customer management and development
Web design & development
Services for web design development.Design largely determines the success of a resource. A good site should from the first seconds interest the user, position him to himself, so that he with a bewildered face again and again clicks on the links. But to surprise and interest - this is still half the battle. Dignus Data can bring for you responsive web design development services for all your needs e.g adaptive html templates design reliable price,blog html template responsive with business focus, business card design and logo, our web designers can do it for you Fast and with latest trends in ui ux website design templates.
Developing style guides and toolkits for you.
Seo and web design services by client requirements
Dignus Data will help you with business site SEO services for your small business. Promotion of the Yandex and Google search engines in Top-10 is a set of measures aimed at putting your website among the top ten leaders in the results of issuing in the relevant area.
Search engine promotion is one of the most effective tools to attract the target audience. By investing significantly less in comparison with traditional types of advertising means, you get the attention of the most interested audience - the people who asked in the search form the key phrases of your subject. Dignus Data experts in Wordpress SEO company offering the following services like Seo hosting multiple ips,seo hosting c class ip,seo hosting c class ip worldwide.
Ecommerce website development services
Dignus Data are an expert eCommerce website design company offering the following services: eCommerce website development,ecommerce website Design , SSL EV integration,ecommerce development on Magento, eCommerce development on woocommerce and storefront,Wordpress, Big Commerce, Volusion,Shopify.
We can help you to Bring your labels to ecommerce mobile app development.
You Can create android app free online for your business
Dignus Data as ecommerce store development company can help you with ecommerce design best practices with focus to best trends. Also, if you need help with merchant PHP integration (php google merchant feed,php api integration to website) our merchant web developers always ready to help.
E-commerce hosting services
Corporate site is a large information resource with a large number of sections, which will emphasize the high status of any company or company. As a rule, the business card site satisfies the needs of the small business companies on the Internet, and corporate websites are created by companies and organizations of a larger scale. This site is also called the hosting for business websites. Building a quality web store could help you sell it to the masses, and it's easier than you think. With Dignus Data you can Getting your first web store up and running fast almost Instant! HTTP/2 enabled servers and Cloudflare CDN integration boost speeds, reducing the chance that customers will abandon the site. We have a Worldwide Datacenter partnership, You can host your store on dedicated server with Global presence! Best host for e commerce website from Dignus Data. With Dignus Data you will get fast dedicated server hosting for websites in europe, best hosting in asia or USA. Worldwide E-commerce Dedicated Server Web Hosting.
DDOS protection for e-commerce websites
Protect your customers' data and prevent revenue-stopping outages due to DDoS attacks with Dignus Data's specialized security services for e-commerce sites. ddos attack protection services for ecommerce sites or Online Web stores is the best way to save your money and prevent downtime. The Dignus Data clients use cluster does attack protection-ddos protection for streamers or e-commerce sites both will be covered with our ddos protection up to 100 gbps. ddos protection server hosting Will help you save your nerves when your site is unavailable. You can stop or control your protection from Desktop, Microsoft Office®, Chrome, Safari, Android and iOS devices. Full coverage of all types of attacks on websites. ddos protected vps hosting in europe with the placement of the site with us, in contrast to "proxying with nginx ", allows for a more detailed analysis of users' actions on the site, identifying DDoS bots, and the cluster's high power enables the site to continue working without any delays.
Why Dignus Data ?
Dignus Data is best web development & hosting company only for you and your needs. reliable dedicated server hosting, colocation hosting for ecommerce and more check now Our advantages
We use modern technology
Every day the market is changing and technologies are constantly improving, and we are not standing still, constantly introducing advanced solutions to our customers Web 2.0 MySQL, NGINX, php7.2-fpm, Redis, Websocket server, MongoDB, Composer)
Experienced programmers and layout designers.
In addition to high-quality website development, we will set up an advertising campaign and prepare an effective promotion proposal. We will refund money if the site will not sell. There is no task that our technical specialists cannot do. Your website will work correctly and quickly on all devices, incl. mobile IOS Android devices
We do it quickly and efficiently
We do not delay the deadlines, because we understand that every day of a project that is not running, it is the lost profits of customers! We use only quality instruments fast PHP development frameworks:Symfony,Yii,Wordpress,CMS ready to go.
IT consulting for startups in europe
Why our clients use Dignus Data ?
Max Carol
Gamer and Freelancer
I do not like writing reviews I like to play! Working with Dignus Data I can relax and allow myself to do what I love.
Marko Professional Screamer. King of the Squirrels.
Before embarking on the development of the site, they helped me with the audit and free of charge conducted a thorough analysis of the market of my niche for the store, analyze competitors and think through marketing techniques.
Private entrepreneur at Sky Cloud LTD
Working in a large corporation, it's harder to keep everything under control. Services that are provided by the IT professionals of Dignus Data are an excellent tool for us to save time.

Dedicated game servers

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