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Try Dignus Data now with Cloud Infrastructure for Your Virtual Data Center. Begin your hosting business with server virtualization. Moving forward, at your own pace, has evolved toward a fully functional Windows remote desktop cloud vps. Build now your remote desktop cloud server with free Windows 2019 essentials

Our remote desktop hosting services based on Intel core i9 9900k or Xeon E5-2695v6
windows remote desktop hosting With SPLA key for all clients
What you'll get
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
Quality Asia direct route CN2 and China Unicom
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. World Wide Cloud VPS servers. China optimized vps, China cloud vps, Hong Kong , Malaysia VPS, Singapore VPS, Asia VPS with Direct route to CN2.Asia traffic is optimized for best performance to cn2 and china Unicom Direct China access
Control Panel
We offer cPanel/WHM, Parallels and Direct Admin for dedicated servers. The Dignus Data control panel designed for your business with our and customer vps hosting control panel reinstall reboot manage on the fly. You will be able to install any linux or Windows OS available. Options include Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012.
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night.We offer a Free support for every client depending on their needs. Consult with our Sales Staff to ensure we meet your needs. If you like managed vps hosting with cpanel but dont want to buy cpanel no problem on our servers cpanel is free
Free Anycast DNS
We like to make people happy. Free anycast dens hosting With any cloud server or dedicated server.When a visitor comes to your server, they will connect to the server that geographically closest to them. Thus leading to pages that load faster and offer ms lower latency.
Worldwide hosting & cloud market
This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels. Worldwide server hosting is the key for your business. All in one place: dedicated services in Europe, Latin America dedicated server.Asia Pacific dedicated server and cloud vps.
DDoS Protected Servers
We take care about our clients time. All our servers come with free basic 20 Gbps DDoS protection and custom DDoS protection with paid rules depends attack size up to 200Gbps.
We use worldwide ddos prevention products and services forecast, voxility ddos protection is the main part of our network.
You can build Cloud server with macOS High Sierra / Mojave. Mac OS x server cloud hosting this is Your dedicated, always-on Mac Build Server in the Cloud. Our Cloud server support Windows 2019, Windows 10,Windows 2012R2,Windows 2016.Arch Linux, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Debian 10, Kali Linux Ubuntu 19 Server, Ubuntu 18.04 Server,Chrome OS with VPN ready to go support. VPS with android or IOS
Our prices for Xeon KVM cloud VPS
Bandwidth 1000 Mbps - Unlimited traffic;1 IPv4 included (all ports open) with Basic ddos filter up to 10gbps.Full Root Reboot and installation, Unlimited, via the Control Panel.
Full list of our plans for best vps hosting for game servers and cheap cloud vps server europe
Worldwide VPS SSD 4G
  • 4xE5-2695v4 @ 3.30 GHz
  • 120GB SSD RAID 10
  • 100TB Traffic on 1Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 or Ipv6
  • KVM
  • Multiple Locations
Worldwide VPS SSD 32G
  • 8xE5-2695v4 @ 3.30 GHz
  • 250GB SSD RAID 10
  • 100TB Traffic on 1Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 or Ipv6/48
  • KVM
  • Multiple Locations
NetBit Datacenter Net.
Net.Bit Datacenter Net.Bit Datacenter is located in the area Skopje, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia)
Network: AS9172
Anti-DDoS protection . Unlimited traffic. Few C-class networks. BGP support

Telekom Srbija data center.
Telekom Srbija data centar is located in the area Belgrade, Serbia (Republic of Serbia) LAN Networks .Private network connections to ISPs and cloud providers delivers guaranteed availability. Network: AS8400
Anti-DDoS protection . Unlimited traffic. Few C-class networks. BGP support. Free IPMI available DMCA freedom

DignusData Center Albania.Crnogorski Telekom a.d.Podgorica
The data center is located in Tirana, Albania.
Our dedicated servers have unmetered bandwidth at 1Gbps/10 Gbps speed.
Network: AS42313
IPv4 and IPv6 available for leasing. BGP supported. Secure and Offshore Location. DMCA freedom.
Silicon Valley Data Centers Equinix Datacenter
Network: AS14609 Colocation facilities are close to the industry's largest financial exchanges in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and other locations
Free Anti-DDoS protection . Unlimited traffic. Few networks. BGP support
Real-time DDoS Detection & Protection Access to 80 network providers for unparalleled customer reach. Network optimized for Asia Pacific traffics (China Tele, Telia, NTT, NLayer, HE, Cogent)
Speed file

TELEHOUSE Datacenter
Network: AS57344 TELEHOUSE Datacenter TELEHOUSE provides the full range of data transmission services for Telco and business customers. The company operates primarily in Bulgaria and is head-quartered in Sofia. Our NOC is 24x7 and the main technical facilities are situated in the International colocation center Telepoint, which is ISO:9001 and the only one in Bulgaria ISO:27001 (Security) certified.Server colocation in a TIER 3 datacenter with free remote hands, free 24/7 technical support, and no contract. Co-locate your server with us.Free Anti-DDoS protection . Unlimited traffic. Few networks. BGP support
Full Rack And Single Unit Colocation In Our Server Hosting Datacenters. 24/7 support. Germany data centers located in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich offer colocation services and important access to digital business ecosystems. Network: AS31400 . Free Anti-DDoS protection . Unlimited traffic. Few networks BGP support. Ipv6
  • 20 Gigabit Deutsche Telekom
  • 20 Gigabit Level(3) Communications
  • 10 Gigabit TINET / NTT
  • 20 Gigabit DECiX
  • 10 Gigabit AMSiX
Equinix Brazil's Datacenter
IP Transit For Your Network, Reach More Networks With Lower Latency. Turn up within 7 days. Price Matching. 24 x 7 NOC. Highlights: Port Availability, IPv6 And IPv4 On The Same Connection.Connectivity is critical to ensure reliable IT operations. Equinix is proud to be the most connected carrier neutral data center, with the highest quality bandwidth, in Brazil. Our International Business Exchange (IBX) offers low latency interconnection to the leading network service providers as well as access to the in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Network AS16735 BGP support. Paid Voxility AntiDDOS.
Our prices for Intel® Core™ i9-9900K KVM cloud VPS
Bandwidth 1000 Mbps - Unlimited traffic;1 IPv4 included (all ports open) with Basic ddos filter up to 10gbps.Full Root Reboot and installation, Unlimited, via the Control Panel.
Full list of our plans for best vps hosting for game servers and cheap cloud vps server europe
Worldwide VPS NVME 2G
  • 2GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1xIntel® Core™ i9-9900K @ 5GHz
  • 20GB NVME RAID 10
  • 10TB Traffic on 1Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 or Ipv6
  • KVM
  • Multiple Locations
Worldwide VPS NVME 8G
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4xIntel® Core™ i9-9900K @ 5GHz
  • 80GB NVME RAID 10
  • 30TB Traffic on 1Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 or Ipv6/48
  • KVM
  • Multiple Locations
As an options on your cloud VPS
Full management and SLA 99.99% are included.The Cloud VPS models are ideal for hosting professional production environments or critical applications for your business.Public Cloud expands worldwide.
Additional IPs
Failovers Up to 256 IPs per General Purpose instance; SEO IP up to 256; seo hosting c class ip.vps ipv6 over ipv4 . Ipv6/48 is free per VM.
Additional disks
For each 120GB Extra NVME RAID 10
Extra Cores
€6 for each + 1 core
for each extra core; Max cores per VM are 120
vps server with gpu
NVIDIA GPU integration is up to 1,000 times quicker than a CPU for parallel computing, and allows to run the OpenGL Cuda application on cloud server and other video applications like android emulator on your cloud server. Try now vps with cuda cloud ans opengl support .Windows remote desktop support opengl support rendering.
Extra bandwidth Asia
China direct route bandwidth for VPS
Backup space
By default we offer free 100GB backup space for each vm. Extra additional 100GB will cost you €10
BGP session
We can provide BGP session in following locations : EU,USA,Asia with one time setup fee (can be waived if paid yearly or you have ASN sponsored by us):
DDoS protection
Premium DDoS protection in Asia, Europe and USA. 100% filtering of DDoS attacks on L3-L7 levels. UDP, TCP, DNS Filtering at L3-L7 Levels HTTP / HTTPS Protection up to 500GBPS
Extra RAM
€6 /GB
Up to 128GB Per VM support. High ram cloud server are designed for data analytics and data science usage with optimized CPU/RAM ratios, and accelerated IOPS.
Worldwide Zone BGP Network
The network speed port of this VPS is 1Gbps without any limits. It's good for the people who are around it and it has the capability to send data faster to them. The speed may vary from place to place, while the Western world get best of the network speed, if server located in Western Europe. You can choose a location for your cloud server during the configuration process.
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Additional services for web hosting cloud servers and dedicated servers from Dignus Data
fully managed desktop computing service
Web and mobile software development services
We develop scripts for websites of any complexity. We will make your website adaptive for all devices. Try now our mobile adaptive design from professionals.Responsive design is very important today. Web resources designed to 2016-2017 years is not so relevant and do not meet the requirements of search engines. With Dignus Data Web2.0 design services all in one for business we can handle such tasks for you like: Mobile site template development,
Parsing services and parsers creation - Make work fast with fastest php html parser or with php web parsing for android.Transfer site from one server to another with optimization,php script customer management and development
Web design & development
Services for web design development.Design largely determines the success of a resource. A good site should from the first seconds interest the user, position him to himself, so that he with a bewildered face again and again clicks on the links. But to surprise and interest - this is still half the battle. Dignus Data can bring for you responsive web design development services for all your needs e.g adaptive html templates design reliable price,blog html template responsive with business focus, business card design and logo, our web designers can do it for you Fast and with latest trends in ui ux website design templates.
Developing style guides and toolkits for you.
Seo and web design services by client requirements
Dignus Data will help you with business site SEO services for your small business. Promotion of the Yandex and Google search engines in Top-10 is a set of measures aimed at putting your website among the top ten leaders in the results of issuing in the relevant area.
Search engine promotion is one of the most effective tools to attract the target audience. By investing significantly less in comparison with traditional types of advertising means, you get the attention of the most interested audience - the people who asked in the search form the key phrases of your subject. Dignus Data experts in Wordpress SEO company offering the following services like Seo hosting multiple ips,seo hosting c class ip,seo hosting c class ip worldwide.
Ecommerce website development services
Dignus Data are an expert eCommerce website design company offering the following services: eCommerce website development,ecommerce website Design , SSL EV integration,ecommerce development on Magento, eCommerce development on woocommerce and storefront,Wordpress, Big Commerce, Volusion,Shopify.
We can help you to Bring your labels to ecommerce mobile app development.
You Can create android app free online for your business
Dignus Data as ecommerce store development company can help you with ecommerce design best practices with focus to best trends. Also, if you need help with merchant PHP integration (php google merchant feed,php api integration to website) our merchant web developers always ready to help.
E-commerce hosting services
Corporate site is a large information resource with a large number of sections, which will emphasize the high status of any company or company. As a rule, the business card site satisfies the needs of the small business companies on the Internet, and corporate websites are created by companies and organizations of a larger scale. This site is also called the hosting for business websites. Building a quality web store could help you sell it to the masses, and it's easier than you think. With Dignus Data you can Getting your first web store up and running fast almost Instant! HTTP/2 enabled servers and Cloudflare CDN integration boost speeds, reducing the chance that customers will abandon the site. We have a Worldwide Datacenter partnership, You can host your store on dedicated server with Global presence! Best host for e commerce website from Dignus Data. With Dignus Data you will get fast dedicated server hosting for websites in europe, best hosting in asia or USA. Worldwide E-commerce Dedicated Server Web Hosting.
DDOS protection for e-commerce websites
Protect your customers' data and prevent revenue-stopping outages due to DDoS attacks with Dignus Data's specialized security services for e-commerce sites. ddos attack protection services for ecommerce sites or Online Web stores is the best way to save your money and prevent downtime. The Dignus Data clients use cluster does attack protection-ddos protection for streamers or e-commerce sites both will be covered with our ddos protection up to 100 gbps. ddos protection server hosting Will help you save your nerves when your site is unavailable. You can stop or control your protection from Desktop, Microsoft Office®, Chrome, Safari, Android and iOS devices. Full coverage of all types of attacks on websites. ddos protected vps hosting in europe with the placement of the site with us, in contrast to "proxying with nginx ", allows for a more detailed analysis of users' actions on the site, identifying DDoS bots, and the cluster's high power enables the site to continue working without any delays.
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